Contract and Temporary Recruitment

For many companies, hiring a Contractor begins with an immediate need or expected shortfall; such as undertaking a new project, a specific skills gap or just covering for issues such as illness, holiday, or maternity leave. Failure to address these issues will normally result in increased work load and hours for existing employees which may result in less productivity, motivation and retention levels whilst incurring additional costs by paying overtime for out of hours work.

A Contractor workforce allows for a high degree of flexibility to enable you to either increase or cut back your workforce as operational demand dictates.

Contractors will also allow you to address specific skill shortages in your organisation as they will have experience and expertise of the job you require and will have the ability in many cases to hit the ground running.

So lets take a look how Intec can help.


Finding the best solution

We can offer you a flexible temporary workforce that can be tailor made to meet any changing demands on your business.

How we do this

We take time to understand your business which enables us to source the right candidates and by meeting face-to face or viewing the environment we can gain a greater insight into how your company works and what you require - these important factors are not something we can discover from a job description.


Temporary ad hoc recruitment

We have no minimum duration for a temporary assignment. You may require holiday, sickness or maternity cover or someone to just support a busy period for a couple of days. Whatever your needs we are confident in finding the right person who can quickly become a member of your team.


Temporary ongoing / Fixed Term / Interim

If you have no budget for a permanent member of staff, or a new project has to be delivered quickly, we have experienced candidates that you can select from.

Temporary to Permanent

Many of our temporary placements are converted to permanent positions due to the caliber we supply, which saves you money and time in advertising and interviewing.

Why Choose Intec?

  • A dedicated Account Manager who, provides 24/7 telephone support.

  • Reference checks on candidates.

  • In-house payroll department which accurately manages temporary staff payroll, absence, sickness and holiday entitlement.

  • Our Consultants have the expertise to advise you on the best way forward in covering your needs and ensure the package we deliver is tailor made, to suit your organisational requirements.

  • All our Account Managers have in excess of 20 years' experience / industry experience.

  • We pride ourselves in providing a service which is driven by quality and professionalism from our team of Consultants.

  • Intec can carry out skills testing, if necessary for the position.

  • Testimonials from satisfied clients.